Saturday, February 28, 2009

T Rex 15 month Well Check

Yesterday I had my 15 month check up...

Weight: 23 lbs, 6 oz (40%)
Length: 30.5 inches (30%)
Head: 46 cm (25%)

I also got my DTaP and Hep A immunizations as well as an iron check. Three needle sticks total - I was not a happy camper but the cherry cola lollipop the nurse offered to me did ease my pains a little but the yogurt drops Mom offered were better - I then came home and took a 3 hour nap!

Playing with the bus while waiting to see the pediatrician - the calm before the storm!

Note: One of the handouts we brought home actually says kids need at least 10 hugs per day - just a tidbit we're passing long.

A+ on growth and development and Mom gets kudos from Dr. KS for continuing to breastfeed me! Good job, Mom! Thanks for helping me to grow big and strong!

(Dr. KS also said I could switch to 2% milk but if I don't want to drink it, cheese and yogurt were equally good sources of milk - since Mom and Dad don't like milk, chances are, neither will I - I'm off the hook! That was an awesome visit after all!!!)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grocery Shopping with Mom

Today we were planning another trip to the zoo (Thursdays you get $2 off admission) but a hail thunder storm hit and we canceled our trip.

Instead, it was the perfect day to try out my "new" rain coat ($5 at Savers - isn't it cute?!?) and head to Fred Meyer for some shopping.

Here I've pulled my race car up to the check out stand, snacks in one hand and a sphere in the other - wearing my rain coat and some "flair".

Full length shot of my "new" coat - waiting for Mom at the door - when she says "Let's Go!" I run and wait for her! Again, note the sphere in hand.

Mom stopped and let me check out the balloons - I am really into those right now. Wow!!! Look at all those floating spheres!!!

Below you can see the video of me playing with a balloon - and no, I did not get to take it home. Mom has a pretty firm policy there - no toys from the store unless it is something on our list.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

T Rex Blowing Kisses...

Hi Everyone,

Sending you all kisses today...

I hope you have a great day!

Friday, February 20, 2009

This Week's Fashion Statement (Friday, February 20, 2009)

Here comes Thomas the Tank Engine...

As mentioned in a previous entry, I got this for Christmas. It now fits - still a little long in the pants but this way I am good all spring and maybe a little into the fall. No idea where to purchase one of these out or how much, but the shoes are from Fred Meyer - Oshkosh - Mom got them on clearance 60% off the lowest marked price and then she had a 15% off coupon - came to around $10 for a REALLY nice pair of shoes.

Here you can see the pants say, Thomas! Hey, that's me!

This photo shows the shirt under the jacket - I LOVE the face.

"Posing" for Mom with my sphere, fresh out of my kitchen set oven!

One more thing...

I learned a new sign: Please. I saw another baby signing it a couple weeks ago and Mom was impressed by his polite manners so we've been working on it. This morning when she was checking email and eating her yogurt, my favorite food, I came up and said, "Please". What was she to do? She couldn't refuse that!

Check out this video!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Playgroup at the Zoo

Mom and I met our play group at the zoo today. It's a small zoo but just perfect for someone like me!

Here is some of the fun we had:

Waiting for the rest of the crew to catch up - we were the last to arrive at the zoo (I did not want to wake up from my nap) but the first to get to the African exhibit.

I cannot believe Mom let me down to explore. There were a couple times when I lost my privileges and had to go back into the stroller but after I was good for a while she let me back out.

The crew crossing the bridge.

More cruising around.

En route to the new giraffe exhibit

Joseph loved the lions!

Here are "C" and Ms. CM looking at the zebras

I'm a tortoise!

Wandering around near the tiger exhibit - yes, I wore my cool coat just for the occasion! Ms. CM and Cooper are in the background.

Tiger meets tiger! Look, Mom is in the photo, or at least her shadow is! Here you go, Dad! (He wanted a photo of the two of us at the zoo - a tougher task than it sounds like - but we aim to please or at least try to!)

If you want to see more from our visit:
T Rex Mom and Dad Tales - Mom posted photos of the animals
It's Spelled C-A-I-T-L-I-N - Some of the photos Ms. Caitlin took

Evening with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner last night. Here are some photos from our visit:

First, I got a little hungry while Mom was cooking so I sat down on the kitchen floor, ate some puffs, and drank some water.

Then when they arrived it was time to do my breathing treatment - I was NOT happy about having to leave them so Grandpa stepped in and gave me my treatment! Cool photo with three generations.

Then a little reading with Grandma - note the T Rex shirt with homemade pants!

And finally some playtime after dinner -

I was laughing because she was sticking her tongue out at me - then it was my turn to do it back!

Thanks G & G for a very fun visit - I did not want you to leave!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WOW!!! Glad we're doing our part!

We all need to be doing our part to take care of our Earth - we all know this. After all, it is the most beautiful of all the planets in our solar system (of course, Mom argues that Mars is prettier - not sure what she sees in that cold, red planet, but I still love her!)

Anyways, for our part we are recyclers. First step after using something, if it is safe, I get the container (i.e. egg carton, Oatmeal bins, yogurt containers, juice bottles, etc.) to play with. Then when I am not longer interested, it goes into the recycling bin under the sink. On Tuesday nights, Dad takes the bin to the garage, separates the plastics, paper, and cardboard, and hauls them out to the street side. We always seem to have the most on the street - either we are huge consumers or we recycle everything - probably a little of both.

(At least with the way potty training is going, I'm averaging 1-3 diapers a day - that certainly helps with the landfill issue!)

This morning I got to see the recycling truck pick all our stuff up! Yet another step in the recycling loop - the coolest part, in my humble opinion!

First, I had just used my potty and Mom was flushing when I heard the truck roar by across the street - I went streaking out of the bathroom toward the front door. After Mom got some clothes on me, we walked outside and took this photo:

Since it was a bit chilly and we were not bundled up, she insisted, despite my protest, we go inside. At least she let me pull the shades so I could see:

Finally, it's here!!!

Here's what I thought of the experience:


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I did it again...

After an early morning, probably due to some very sharp molars coming in, I did it again...

I fell asleep during lunch.

A bit of good news, though, I was 100% with potty training today after 11:00 am! Even during the four hours I was with Nan! Mom and Dad were pretty proud but keep saying there is still a long way.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Toy Grocery Cart...

Nan found me a really cool toy grocery cart to put my new groceries in and push around the house.

So far I find it to be more fun to push my bears around the house as well as my spheres.

Regardless, it is tons of fun!

Video of me pushing my cart - notice the excitement I have when I am ramming my cart into Mom!

Thanks for the cool gift, Nan!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Playtime Continued...

So, my time with Joseph was not entirely about sleeping. We did get a little tunnel playtime in before Ms. Caitlin came to pick him up.

Me headed into the tepee through the long tunnel!

Joseph chasing after me...

We were very happy after our 2 hour naps! Mom commented that she was too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Playtime Fun" (for Mom anyways!)

Today my buddy, Joseph, came over. This is what we did...

First, this is me getting ready to go pick up my friend.

Here is Joseph...

And here I am...

I've been teething really bad so not sleeping that good. Mom was glad to get a nice break during her day.

Thanks for coming over, Joseph!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Week's Fashion Statement (Tuesday, February 10, 2009)

Potty training Attire...

For the past couple months Mom and Dad have been taking me into the "potty room" and allowing me to "help". My big job has been to collect toilet paper for them and flush. Plus, we've been reading lots of potty books.

Glee on my face when Mom says it's time to go sit on the potty - I think it is SO awesome!

This outfit is one of four - all with leg warmers and a long sleeve shirts - too cold to wear short sleeves! By wearing the leg warmers, I can easily pull down my pull-up diaper to use the potty. So no hassling with pants. Pretty cool!

So far, things are going good. Diaper usage is down 50% so that's more money toward my college fund!

Check out my cool outfit! Shirt by Gymboree - purchased this past weekend at their clearance sale $9.99. Leg warmers by Knotty Leggs purchased on Etsy - four pairs for $10. Boots are on loan from Joseph - Robeez - free as long as we don't destroy them! Pull up diaper by Huggies - pack of 44 were $15 at Wal-Mart minus $2 since we had a coupon!

A rare photo of me with Mom! The kisses I get after sitting on my chair!

We'll keep you posted as to how it's going but Mom has declared there will be no published photos of me on my potty chair. We're hoping to be done by this time next year - this is the goal we are working toward.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Family Gathering...

Last night we had family over. It was so much fun to see all of Dad's sisters (three of my aunts), two uncles, Grandma & Grandpa, and my cousin.

Watching Baby Einstein with Grandma and Grandpa

In the tepee

Playing Superman with cousin Jamie (she came all the way from Virginia - she is helping Aunt Pam at the Special Olympics World Games - she knows sign language better than Marlie Matlin on my videos!)

My captive audience

Mom and I crashed after a fun filled day - I slept for 12 hours straight - we must have played hard!
Mom and Dad thank you for the good night's rest!

Thanks everyone for making the trip to our house. It was so nice to see all of you. I love you and hope we can do it again soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fashion Statement for the Week (Saturday, February 7, 2009)

Photos for this week's fashion statement...

A rare close up of me - the blanket behind me was one of Dad's baby blankets - there are baseball players on it.

Here I'm sitting on "Dad's" chair. It was his favorite chair growing up and just before I was born Grandma gave it to us. I've just gotten big enough to get into it myself and rock on my own. So much fun...

Close up on me with BabyGap blue thermal shirt (Mom got it with a 20% coupon so about $8).

Rear view of pants made by Mom - note pocket in back (so Dad can tell which side is front) - my pants are uncuffed but Mom built in "grow cuffs" so they can be stylishly rolled up! Also a good view of the moccasins - these are Hanna Anderson size 5-7 so they should last a while - the leather soles are washable ($8 out of catalog on clearance).