Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WOW!!! Glad we're doing our part!

We all need to be doing our part to take care of our Earth - we all know this. After all, it is the most beautiful of all the planets in our solar system (of course, Mom argues that Mars is prettier - not sure what she sees in that cold, red planet, but I still love her!)

Anyways, for our part we are recyclers. First step after using something, if it is safe, I get the container (i.e. egg carton, Oatmeal bins, yogurt containers, juice bottles, etc.) to play with. Then when I am not longer interested, it goes into the recycling bin under the sink. On Tuesday nights, Dad takes the bin to the garage, separates the plastics, paper, and cardboard, and hauls them out to the street side. We always seem to have the most on the street - either we are huge consumers or we recycle everything - probably a little of both.

(At least with the way potty training is going, I'm averaging 1-3 diapers a day - that certainly helps with the landfill issue!)

This morning I got to see the recycling truck pick all our stuff up! Yet another step in the recycling loop - the coolest part, in my humble opinion!

First, I had just used my potty and Mom was flushing when I heard the truck roar by across the street - I went streaking out of the bathroom toward the front door. After Mom got some clothes on me, we walked outside and took this photo:

Since it was a bit chilly and we were not bundled up, she insisted, despite my protest, we go inside. At least she let me pull the shades so I could see:

Finally, it's here!!!

Here's what I thought of the experience:


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Caitlin said...

So cute! I love the first one where his foot is off to the side. Looks like such a little boy hanging out!
Can't wait to see you tomorrow for the ZOOOOOOOOOO!!