Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Tooth Fairy Visit...

A month ago I went in for my bi-annual teeth cleaning. Uncle Doc looked at my teeth and noticed I had a permanent tooth coming in but the baby tooth in front of it was not wiggling much. I tried, as he instructed, to wiggle it as much as possible but a month later it was still not budging. So, I had to go in to have my two front bottom teeth removed. I was cool as a cucumber but Mom seemed quite nervous. We all went together as a family to my appointment. I even took my beloved Daniel, Coconut the Monkey, and a Lego Minifigure to help me feel a little bit braver.

The dental assistant prepped me with instructions and some nitrous gas. After about 5-10 minutes of gas, I was quite a chatty young man. I am usually quite chatty but  I was especially talkative after that gas. Then Uncle Doc came in and examined and applied some numbing gel over the area where he would inject the local anesthetic. I actually never saw the syringe that was used to inject the anesthetic but I guess it made Mom a little dizzy (she may be a nurse but when it comes to her, and aparently me too, she doesn't do so good with needles). Lil Sis was also quite concerned. Baby Sister was her normal happy self while Dad calmly watched, too.

Uncle Doc waited a few minutes and then used his tooth separator. Then I heard some crackling and then the teeth were out. My mouth felt really weird. Initially I described it as pain but it was actually the feeling on numbness that I was experiencing not pain.

The rest of the day I ate soft foods. That night I put my two teeth in the tooth pillow Mom gave me (it used to be her tooth pillow) and the next morning I found two $5 bills. Uncle Doc says the Tooth Fairy give more for extracted teeth.

Here are some photos from the day starting with my before smile and ending with my after smile.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation...

It was a wonderful ceremony. We were all still getting over a bad illness (Mom was still really sick but still came). It was sure a good thing I dressed up as I was front and center with my carpool buddy LN. Mom says it's probably because we can stand still and keep our hands to ourselves. I made my cap - yes, that is a pea shooter on the top.

I even took a special good luck charm, a little guy, to help me be brave. His name is Hank. It worked. Mom and Dad said I did not miss a beat. I was also very eager to give Mrs. T her gift. We love her. She is very special to us and will always hold a special place in our hearts as my very first ever teacher. Unlike Lil Sis, I did not attend preschool.

Short video of me saying my favorite thing about kindergarten. Mom said after I was done I could give my teacher her gift from the class. I was so excited that I thought when I was done I could literally give her the gift. I had to wait though.

"My favorite thing about kindergarten is seeing Mrs. T because I love her and...recess."

Sunday, May 11, 2014


It's been over a month since my surgery and I bet you would never know I even had surgery.

You can see the before (horizontal) and after (vertical) photos of my belly button.

I mentioned in the posting about my surgery that we all loved my surgeon Dr. B. Well, here she is at my post-op appointment. Thanks to her I have a perfect belly button and not a noticeable mark or scar. She rocks.

T Ball

Just a few more shots from some of my t-ball games. 

This last game I played my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. T, came to watch. It was such an honor to have her there. She even had dinner with us before we headed to the game. It was teacher appreciation week so it was our treat to her. She is so special to all of us. We are all feeling a little (or a lot) sad the school year is coming to a close. I love school so much I have not even missed a day of school!

I still have a few more weeks of games before the season is over. If there are any more awesome photos we will post those. If not, we will leave it with this.

Can you spy Baby Sister in the first photo?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

T Ball

T ball is well under way. I am enjoying it and am definitely improved from last year. I am definitely the most consistent hitter - usually getting a good hit first swing. Next, I know exactly what to do in first, catcher, and pitcher positions. Still, though, I prefer a little more action than I've been getting of late.

I am my same number as last year and Mom's company sponsored my team again. Mom even purchased a helmet for me this year which I REALLY wanted last year.

Contents of My Back Pack...

Dad took some random photos of things he unloaded from my back pack. Among them - plants I brought home from school (aka weeds that I think look like Plants vs Zombies plants), my precious Daniel cat, a book mark for "chaptering", a pom pom critter, some of my work book pages from JFK, a Lego minifigure,and a "peashooter" napkin Mom drew for me for my lunch that I wanted to keep.

Baby Sis and Me...

I absolutely adore my baby sister. I insist on playing with her first thing in the morning and will always offer Mom and helping hand when she needs someone to entertain Baby while she cooks or finishes up a chore. We play peek-a-boo and she always giggles for me when I tickle her or give belly kisses.