Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014...

Just a few pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning 2014...

Santa Photos 2014...

Mom and Dad gave me a "Toothless Dragon" for my birthday. It is the Build-a-Bear variety. It came unstuffed so we had to take a trip to the mall to have him stuffed. 

Actually, that day was my "family birthday celebration". Mrs. T, my beloved kindergarten teacher, was unable to attend my party but she came by the house on celebration day to visit with me. I asked her to come over so I could practice my power point for her. She was a great audience and prepped me for the questions the class would ask. She also knows my first grade teacher quite well. She came over and visited with me. She is very special to all of us. I especially enjoyed the Lego candy she brought with her. There is little candy I like but, of course, she knows me well and knew what to bring!

Then Mom took the girls and me to the mall to get Toothless stuffed. While we were there Santa was starting to do visits and no one was in line. Last year, we waiting in line for almost 3 hours to see him. This year, we took advantage of the lack of line. We were not dressed in anything special but the photo turned out great. For a while the camera was not functioning but Santa being the magical guy he is sang carols with us and even kept BB happy. 

It was a great day but when Mom asked me at the end of the day what my favorite part was, I said, "Seeing Mrs. Taylor because I love her." That was the highlight of my day - even above Build-a-Bear AND Santa. I told you she was special.

I did not know what I wanted from Santa so I told him I would write a letter. It was just after Thanksgiving and actually, I did not make up my mind until 2 days before Christmas. Fortunately, my letter made it to the North Pole and I received in my stocking the 3 dragons I requested. Plus, he left a few refurbished Star Wars toys which are totally awesome! (See photos below of my letter and the the cool toys. My beloved stuffed animals also received some special treats from Santa this year, too!) 

I also (unknown to Mom and Dad until after the fact) wrapped some of my personal toys in envelops and gave them to my special friends. Interestingly - I got some wrapped the same way back! That was cool!

Here are our Santa photos from this year:


November and December get a little crazy around our place so this is delayed.

I turned Seven! Mom is behind and I have not had my 7 year well check. We're combining it with S's. So that will be a few more weeks before I post my size. Our pediatrician is a long drive so we consolidate trips, if possible.

Grade: 1st - I love school. Recess is my favorite but I enjoy reading and math, too. I have the awesomest teacher for homeroom and reading group. I actually stay with the same teacher for both. Just a few of us do. She's wonderful. She says that I'm funny. We never realized I was funny but apparently at school, I am. I get done with my work fast! Like super fast so I draw - a lot.

Foods - pizza is still a favorite. If I can take cold pizza for lunch I will. One of my "areas of improvement" I identified at parent teacher conferences was to eat my lunch. I have a tendency to skip over my lunch so I can have extra recess. Mom and Dad do not care for that! Plain pasta is a close second. Fruit and vegetables I will eat but still not my favorite. I am still allergic to peanuts. Level three - so I cannot even do a food challenge. Little chance of out-growing at this point.

Friends - I have a "team" at school. We gather at recess every day. It's great fun. I call them my "Fighting off crime team" - Kaelen and Chinmay. Favorite girl (not in the romantic sense - yuck!) friends - Lynley and Hadley. Favorite Lego building friend - Aiden (he is in a different grade so I cannot meet him at recess).

Toys - Legos (specifically mini-figures - I have quite the collection)

Books - Magic Tree House series and anything Legos or Star Wars or spy-related. I can read pretty much anything now but it has to be full of fantasy for it to seem interesting to me.

Interests - spies specifically James Bond. I want to be a spy someday; Legos, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars.

Mom calls me her "old soul" and will often ask my "advice" on things. I guess I am wise. 

I did my first power point recently - topic was crocheting. At first Mom was grumpy about me choosing that topic since all the other kids in class chose animals but I guess it was helpful for our class since we were starting a service project where we would be learning to knit. (Mrs. Sly, my teacher, often has to remind mom my brain thinks differently than many other kids my age - she understands and is trying to teach mom to also understand.) I presented it to my class as well as my family and my old kindergarten teacher.

Mom and Dad threw my a spy-themed party. That was fun. Lots of kids!

Here are some photos of me from my party and my birthday.