Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


I've been asking Mom and Dad for snow and it finally arrived earlier this week. My boots from last year still fit as does my coat (Mom bought with plenty of growing room). I did get some new used snow pants and they work great. I borrowed some gloves from Mom as I no longer wish to wear mittens.

I read in one of my Cars books about making a snow car. I often ask Dad about this and finally there was enough snow to make one. I insisted it have eyes.

Another Christmas book I read about Duck and Goose shows Goose making snow angels - this was actually the first thing I did as soon as I walked outside. It turned out great but I have been practicing inside on the carpet.

Duck and Goose also taught me about catching snowflakes and throwing snowballs - both which I enjoyed, particularly the snowballs. There are no photos as my aim is pretty deadly, particularly to a camera.

The snow only lasted about 12 hours which is rare around here. It was replaced by rain and now my snow car and snowman are gone. However, it was such a fun time and one I will talking about for a long while.