Sunday, August 19, 2012

Avengers Assemble...

Recently when I introduce myself I will say, "I'm really into super heroes". As a special surprise, Mom and Dad took me to the big theater to see the Avengers movie. They said they debated it heavily but it was a clean movie and wanted me to see it on the big screen.

Plus, the movie has been out for months so when they took me, we basically had a private viewing. As you can see from the photos, no one else was there.

Oh, there were some scary parts - mostly when the villain appeared. Mom said she could feel my little heart beating fast. Even just the appearance of the villain would send my heart racing. But aside from that, I did alright. Note in the below photo, at the far right lower corner is my special meow Daniel. He kept me from being too scared.

When asked if I would see it again I replied, "No, it's too scary, but the heroes were awesome!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

I Spy Quilt...

This past week Mom surprised me with this completed quilt. Dad has been letting me use a very special, very old quilt that was his. However, it is getting a bit worn so in order to preserve it, we're putting it away. To ease the pain of being without the special blanket, Mom made this one for me.

It's a type of "I Spy" quilt. There are lots of different, non-coordinating prints (all of which either myself or my sister selected). Then, we can look at it and see how many different items and see how many different things we can find at a given time. Initially, we thought the quilt was going to be one of the many projects Mom gives away. I was delighted when after story time I walked into my room and this was on my bed. Now I cannot sleep without it.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Hero Squad...

Watching a couple of the Super Hero Squad shows I checked out from the library. There are a few scary parts but a lot of the action takes place "off screen" so it's usually the villains that make me want to hide, but only a little.

In this first photo you can see how I've incorporated the Captain America library book into a box turned into a fort for the Super Heroes Squad Headquarters.