Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Tooth Fairy Visit...

A month ago I went in for my bi-annual teeth cleaning. Uncle Doc looked at my teeth and noticed I had a permanent tooth coming in but the baby tooth in front of it was not wiggling much. I tried, as he instructed, to wiggle it as much as possible but a month later it was still not budging. So, I had to go in to have my two front bottom teeth removed. I was cool as a cucumber but Mom seemed quite nervous. We all went together as a family to my appointment. I even took my beloved Daniel, Coconut the Monkey, and a Lego Minifigure to help me feel a little bit braver.

The dental assistant prepped me with instructions and some nitrous gas. After about 5-10 minutes of gas, I was quite a chatty young man. I am usually quite chatty but  I was especially talkative after that gas. Then Uncle Doc came in and examined and applied some numbing gel over the area where he would inject the local anesthetic. I actually never saw the syringe that was used to inject the anesthetic but I guess it made Mom a little dizzy (she may be a nurse but when it comes to her, and aparently me too, she doesn't do so good with needles). Lil Sis was also quite concerned. Baby Sister was her normal happy self while Dad calmly watched, too.

Uncle Doc waited a few minutes and then used his tooth separator. Then I heard some crackling and then the teeth were out. My mouth felt really weird. Initially I described it as pain but it was actually the feeling on numbness that I was experiencing not pain.

The rest of the day I ate soft foods. That night I put my two teeth in the tooth pillow Mom gave me (it used to be her tooth pillow) and the next morning I found two $5 bills. Uncle Doc says the Tooth Fairy give more for extracted teeth.

Here are some photos from the day starting with my before smile and ending with my after smile.