Tuesday, April 29, 2014

T Ball

T ball is well under way. I am enjoying it and am definitely improved from last year. I am definitely the most consistent hitter - usually getting a good hit first swing. Next, I know exactly what to do in first, catcher, and pitcher positions. Still, though, I prefer a little more action than I've been getting of late.

I am my same number as last year and Mom's company sponsored my team again. Mom even purchased a helmet for me this year which I REALLY wanted last year.

Contents of My Back Pack...

Dad took some random photos of things he unloaded from my back pack. Among them - plants I brought home from school (aka weeds that I think look like Plants vs Zombies plants), my precious Daniel cat, a book mark for "chaptering", a pom pom critter, some of my work book pages from JFK, a Lego minifigure,and a "peashooter" napkin Mom drew for me for my lunch that I wanted to keep.

Baby Sis and Me...

I absolutely adore my baby sister. I insist on playing with her first thing in the morning and will always offer Mom and helping hand when she needs someone to entertain Baby while she cooks or finishes up a chore. We play peek-a-boo and she always giggles for me when I tickle her or give belly kisses.