Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kindergarten Registration

A few weeks ago, Mom and Dad took me to the school to register for kindergarten. I was really excited - a little bummed though to be awakened from my nap but once I saw the basketball hoops in the gym I was sold.

I met lots of other kids, most of which were girls. In fact, I only saw about 3-4 other boys total. All the other students were girls. Sounds like I'll be making lots of girl friends.

The first person I met on my tour was the principal. She was very nice and signed a book for me. Systematically I moved from station to station meeting my teachers, counselor, nurse, and lots of other interesting people. I just kept saying, "I am so excited to learn." (No, Mom and Dad did not coach me to say that - I really am genuinely excited. They just keep telling me to remember that on days I don't want to get up for school.)

I did have to take a placement test which I totally rocked. Mom and Dad could not be present when I had my placement test but they stood at a distance and took photos. They could tell I must have done okay because they captured a photo of me cheering. When I showed them my results they were SO excited. I scored 99 out of 100. I was a bit bummed that I missed one letter - "q" - but as I explained to Mom she taught me to make that letter with a tail and the one on the paper did not have a tail so I kept insisting it was a "g". Still, they were SO excited for my success and I definitely felt proud.

Mom and Dad love the school and commented how organized everything was. School is less than a mile from the house so I do not get to ride the bus but I was reassured there would be plenty of opportunities for me to ride the bus during the school year. Yes, we're going with public school.

For now, the teachers just want me practicing my writing skills. I can write my name pretty good but now we just need to work on fine tuning for the fall. I anticipate great fun in the forthcoming years.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

For Joseph - Minifigure Photos - Part One

I received a request from my long distance friend Joseph asking for high resolution photos of my minifigures. I was more than happy to comply. However, I did insist on doing separate posts for each genre. Currently I am really into the realm of Middle Earth - Hobbits, Wizards, dwarves, and elves. 

Here I present to you, specifically Joseph, my fantasy collection with a few other scary characters thrown in because they make great villains.  

P.S. Since I wrote this posting, I've added a few more. When I can take a break from playing with my new Hobbit house, I will add more photos.