Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Week in T Rex Fashion (October 30, 2008)

My mom admits to being a little obsessed with getting good deals on clothing. Unfortunately, I have to report, she did not get this outfit on sale. However, she did earn "Gym-bucks" with its purchase which she in turn used to purchased clothing 50% off. This is all fairly complicated for a 11 month old such as me. So without giving away any more of Mom's obsessions, here is this week's outfit!

Top and Pants by Gymboree

Shoes by Circo of Target and pumpkin by Wal-Mart

Cheesy grin by me! (Note the horse - a must have for this Cowboy!)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

I went to my very first Halloween/Pumpkin Carving Party this weekend. We did not carve a pumpkin but I did wear my costume. Here are some photos from the event. Mom will post some on her blog as well if you'd like to see a few more.

T Rex Costume - my big eyes scared a couple of the other babies! (note the T Rex shoes)

"Baby Chic" with his Mom and Dad

Baby chic revealed!

Beautiful girlfriend!

Weekend Visit

This weekend Grandma and Grandpa came over and I met my Great-Aunt Phyllis. Here are a couple key shots Mom wanted to capture.

Great-Aunt Phyllis, Grandpa, Grandma, and me - see how happy I am!

Three Handsome Guys!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Highlights from my playdate with my friends while at Ms. Caitlin's house. She is SO cool! You can see some photos of our playdate on her blog: It's Spelled C-A-I-T-L-I-N.

Here are a few snaps Mom took from her camera.

Having fun!

My bud Joseph

My other baby buddy

Thursday, October 23, 2008

T-Rex Baby Bubble Bath

Okay, so maybe Mom put a little too much Burt's Bees in my bubble bath but I had SO much fun. In fact, I learned how to stop the drain so the water will not empty. In the end, she had to pick me up out of the bath because I would not go voluntarily.

More fun in the bubbles!

Mom had to pull me out of the tub still covered in bubbles and gripping that horrible bulb syringe.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week's Fashion Statement (Oct. 22, 2008)

Generally if the weather is cooperative, Mom, Dad, and I (and sometimes the dogs) go for an evening walk. Last night it was rather chilly out so Mom thought it prudent to pull out my new winter coat. So here is this week's fashion statement along with a couple other shots.

Jacket by Hanna Andersson, PJs from Fleece Farm (purchased locally at Art in the Park), under the jammies are Knotty Baby Legs leg warmers in gray, and boots by Circo of Target

Not entirely sure about the hood but Mom tells me it's cute.

This is my first photo where my new top teeth are actually visible.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Days with Nan

On Mondays and Tuesdays I spend my days at Nan's house. We play all day.

So much fun!

Mom snapped these shots when she picked me up today.

Spotting Mom through Nan's back door - I'm just woke up from my nap so I am missing my pants!

Peek-a-Boo with Nan - a classic favorite.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Veggie or ball?

I was not sure what to make of the baking pumpkins Mom has out - you can see the uncertainty in my face. They don't make very good balls but Mom assures me they will make great pies!

T Rex Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa came over this weekend. Here are the highlights of my visit:

Shall we play ball?

Note the University of Idaho pants I am wearing.

Getting some Grandma lovin'.

Playing "patty cake" with Grandpa.

So much fun! Thanks for a nice visit!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Fun

Dad, Mom, and I went downtown today. Here is a photo from our day. We finally have an updated photo of the three of us!

After our fun outing to the farmers' market, I went home and took a nap. It's easy to tell when I have a good nap by how happy I am when I wake up.

Mom also points out in the video how I've started disassembling my teething guards on my crib.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Future Pilot Astronaut

The total pilot look - ready for school!

My first day care teacher, in fact, was a pilot! I sure miss her.

Note my coat, pilot cap, and rocket shoes (coat from Auntie J, cap by Hanna Andersson, shoes by Robeez - Mom has acquired an expensive taste from Ms. Caitlin! Good thing the toy I'm playing with was an $8 garage sale purchase!).

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And this is my drawer...

While Mom was unloading the groceries I took the opportunity to open my drawer in the kitchen. I never liked drinking from bottles but I have found them to make excellent toys!

(P.S. Mom made my cool pants!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Continuation to Murphy's Law

I came home with a bad cold - Mom, too. Dad is still recovering from the flu.

At least I'm getting some rest which allows Mom and Dad to do the same.


Murphy's Law - Whatever can go wrong will go wrong

Great-Grandma recently passed away and Mom and Dad took me to attend her memorial service. We almost did not make the trip because leading up to it, Mom had a horrible allergic reaction requiring emergency medical attention and Dad acquired the flu.

No photos were taken on the trip down since Dad was throwing up at every spare trash can, however, these were taken at the hotel and on the trip home.

Here I am "T-Rexing" at the Excalibur - we were on the budget trip - can't beat $50/night!

Chasing my shadow at the airport.

Mom and me on the airplane right before drifting off for our nap. The plane landed 25 minutes early. I was the only passenger who complained about this because my nap was cut short!

"Oh, but it's cold outside..."

This was the evening of Friday, October 10th, 2008 - Dad says it is the earliest snow he has seen here before. Doesn't it look cold out? Mom put me in my warmest PJs. I tried to follow her outside while she was snapping the photo but as you can see I stopped at the door.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Shoes

See my new shoes "Nan" got me?

Once again can you see the trail of destruction I am leaving in my path? My drawer in the kitchen is a wondrous place for discovery!

Roar!!! Here I'm wearing one of my T-Rex outfits along with my new shoes. "Nan" said I needed some shoes that would offer support. They're pretty heavy duty alright! Guess she's expecting me to go lots of places!


I've been learning baby sign language. My favorite sign is "more" because it gets me more food. And that I like!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ducky Bathtime Fun!

Morning Playtime

When Mom and Dad are getting ready for work in the morning, I like to play with my toys in their bedroom. Here I am with the gum ball machine.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My First Stairs

"Always on the move..."

Here I am going up the stairs for the first time. Dad took the video and Mom snapped the camera still as I reached the apex!

Aunt Shelley and Uncle Rich, when do we take off for Everest?

P.S. Don't mention anything about Mom's attire - I was doing my stair climbing at 7:45 am on a Saturday. And anyone who knows my parents well knows how much they love sleeping in on Saturday mornings!


A new trick... Whenever Mom pulls out the camera and I see the red light signaling the camera is going to snap a shot, I put on my cheesiest grin.

So, "Cheese" to everyone out there!

Walking bumps and bruises

Last week I started full-on walking. Being just over 10 months old, Mom and Dad have tried to discourage me from pursing this but as they are finding out, much of what I do tends to be on my own time line.

This past Saturday I was walking toward the window ledge to look out - one of my favorite past times. On route I tripped just in front of the ledge and banged my nose on it. Usually bumps don't bother me much but this time I cried and cried. Mom and Dad did not know it at the time that I had hit my nose. They assumed it was my head. When I woke from my nap I had a nice shiner!

You'll have to let me know what you think!

(P.S. can you see the mess I've made of Mom's kitchen?!? That's one of "my" drawers. I'm not sure why the others don't open...)

Getting Started...

Greetings Friends and Family,

Mom and Dad helped me set up this blog so we can all stay in touch.

Since so many of us are busy, busy, busy - especially us - this is one way we can all stay in touch and you can keep track of photos and every day life.

I hope we can all stay in touch and just know that I love you and I am grateful to all of you for being a part of my life!

T Rex

Tales from T Rex

Hi Friends and Family,

I am T Rex - Mom and Dad lovingly refer to me as T Rex because when I was a little baby I used to flail my tiny arms like a T Rex. Plus, at this point most of my vocabulary consists of grunts, roars, and screeches. Despite that, Mom and Dad say I'm a pretty good kid, when I'm not "T-rexing!"