Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011...

A few more photos from our Christmas celebrations...

On December 23rd

Listening to the video email Santa sent me saying I was on the "nice list". I was pretty happy to hear of my hard work.

At Auntie and Uncle's in front of their lovely Christmas tree. I was wearing my snowman sweater. I told mom I liked the ear muffs on the snowman. I've become interested in pointing out details about things and commenting whether I like them or not. This is an example.

December 24th -

Making gingerbread boys. This is one I decorated all myself. (Bebe Sister was more interested in eating than decorating so Mom and I did most of the decorating. I love the "Sweet Smells of Christmas" book which inspired me to ask Mom about making gingerbread boy cookies.

Christmas Day

First thing Christmas morning - I immediately saw the new scoot(er) Santa brought. It's a Lightning McQueen scoot.

Opening my stocking - a few more little things like an eraser car from Santa. These were opened just before I found Jeff Gorvette in the stocking - something I was MOST excited about.

After Dad showed me how the scoot worked I wanted to show cousin Dede my new skills. He did have to help steady me a bit.

On the evening of the 25th, Mom took this video interview of me. Dad is in the background helping Sister but you can still hear my thoughts on the day. I heard Rudolph's nose.

I hope you all had as lovely a Christmas as I did.

Onto the new year...

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Of course, the book is about Cars. It's kind of a Where's Waldo but the Cars version. Mom says I resemble Dad quite a lot in this photo.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Four Year Well Check

Today I had my four year wellness exam. 

 Here are my stats:
Weight: 35.5 lbs (45%)
Height: 39.25 inches (30%)
Blood Pressure: 92/52 (within normal limits)

Growth has slightly decreased - may be related to steroid use this year. Hopefully, with my new asthma action plan, we will use less oral steroids and just stick with inhaled which is significantly less overall.

If you'd like to compare to last years, click here.

Initially, I was a little worried and feeling shy so I tried hiding under the exam table with Daniel (my special meow) and my new Tokyo Mater Car. However, once it was Daniel's turn to be examined, my shyness disappeared.

I took Daniel to get a check up, too. We weighed him on the baby scale and wearing his winter hat and scarf he was a whole 7 oz. His blood pressure was also normal (I helped check that) and the nurse practitioner who examined me also examined him. He was a very good patient. (This was also who Mom did her pediatric training with this semester so I know Daniel and I were in good hands.)

I've been focusing on trying new foods and drinking more milk. This has been one of my 2011 resolutions. It felt good to report my food repertoire had expanded and I drink at least 8 oz of milk each day. My umbilical hernia has shrunk significantly in the past year so no surgical referral is necessary. I see specialists for my asthma and strabismus and those are well controlled and closely followed. Bebe Sister was especially concerned for me during my exam which was totally fine and not scary. I did find the reflex portion to be kind of funny.

What I'm doing...
- Lots and lots of pretend play. At the moment it is mostly surrounding Cars but Thomas the Train is still a big deal, too. 
- I talk a lot - mostly about Cars but I'll chatter about just about anything.
- I've started telling jokes. Currently, my favorite is "Knock, knock? Whose there? Babie. Barbie who? You want to have a barbeque?" or "Where do cows buy their clothes? Cattle-logs"
- I insist on privacy when utilizing the facilities.
- "Happy Birthday" is my favorite song at the moment.
- Daniel and Daniella are my most favorite "babies" and I have to sleep with them wrapped in my special blankets. They have many adventures with me and every night I detail my days events to them.
- I continue my reading, spelling, and Spanish studies. I am on the verge of full on reading. I can write my name with little assistance.
- I still take a daily nap usually about 2 hours. 
- Favorite books: Toy Story books and Jenny Linsky Cat Club Books, and Sesame Street books (still little screen time and no computer games yet)
- Favorite foods: pizza, spinach, freeze dried strawberries, fruit snacks, dino nuggets, fries
- Favorite drink: tepid water but I will drink orange juice (with calcium) and milk

I was declared healthy and doing great. I was kind of sad there were no Cars stickers like last year (memory like a steel trap) but I was pretty happy with the soccer ball sticker and insisted Bebe Sister get one, too. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Birthday Highlights...

I had a wonderful birthday.

The day began with my requested breakfast of toast with butter. 

After breakfast I opened my gifts from Mom and Dad and G&G. Note the classic Dad-wrapping job.

UFO Mater from G&G...

Tokyo Mater from Mom, Dad, and Bebe Sister...

Then some playtime with my new toys followed by lunch (I requested wagon wheels pasta) and naps. Dad came to greet me during my nap time at my exact 4 year birthday date.

Then off to dinner at one of my favorite places - I chose the location. Dad took this photo of me on our way to the restaurant. Mom calls it my contemplative look. I was probably thinking about the Raffi song I was listening to.

Aunt Shelley and Uncle Rich were able to take a break from their jobs in time to join us. They brought this cool present with them.

Once we were back at home, we took the RC Cars for a spin. Luckily there are remotes for both Lightning McQueen and Mater so Bebe Sister was able to drive one, too.

As bed time approached and Bebe Sister was trying to sleep (when she was not getting out of her bed), we played a couple of rather intense games of CandyLand. 

I'd say a pretty great birthday. 

Four years old is off to a good start.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Last Day...

T Rex Mom guest writing here...

As I write this, it is my little guy's last night as a three year old. It is the last time I can say I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old.

Four years ago I was experiencing incredible pain at home laboring. The 56 hours of labor and 42 weeks of pregnancy was completely worth it. With 14 people in the labor room assisting  - including a very special nurse - our little guy made his grand entrance. It was the hardest work of my life but worth every moment. How happy I was to finally meet him and that he was declared healthy.

The past four years have progressed so rapidly. I can hardly remember life without him in it. I see photos of life before our son but it seems odd that he's not there or in them. I love his gentle spirit and early morning deep voice accompanied with snuggles. I love that he adores his sister. Best of all, though, is the special bond he shares with his father.

I marvel at this young man and pray daily that he will grow strong and healthy to an old age and do many wonderful things but especially be the man he wants to be. I just hope he knows how much we will always love him - no matter what. 

Right now I enjoy being able to ask for hugs and snuggles any time and play cars and "just be" with him as I know all too soon he will be grown and gone and hopefully someday snuggling his own kids. For now, though, I am honored and blessed he is in our charge and so very grateful for the pure joy and happiness he has brought into our lives. It really is life changing.

On a lighter note, the almost four-year-old is much more relaxed and laid back about growing older. Here is an interview with him on his last day as a three-year-old. I have to say some of what he said was news to me.


From my birthday/Thanksgiving celebration...

Making a wish and blowing out my candles.

Playing Turkey BINGO...

Opening presents...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Here are some photos of me wearing my Cars PJs and playing with my Cars. 

Definitely a favorite hobby.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hallween 2011...

Here are some photos of me as a wizard this year. As you can observe from the photos, I have this trick-or-treat thing pretty much down. However, I still felt a little shy right after I rang the door bell.

Alright for the really big news...

I now will eat some types of candy. Just a few - gummy bears, laffy taffy, and skittles - and only in very small amounts, but I will eat them.  Here I am eating some of that taffy. However, Good Neighbors D&M had Pirate Booty and fruit strips - those were my most favorite treats. They even had a few fun tricks, too.

If you want to remember last year's costume, click here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Today we went to Mr. and Mrs. V's tractor farm where Good Neighbors D&M planted pumpkins. I picked out some pumpkins but I also had my first tractor riding/driving experience. After a little apprehension, I was amiable to riding or driving. Here are some photos as well as a very short video of my first tractor driving experience.

Here's the video of my first tractor ride.

Thanks to Good Neighbors D&M for the wonderful memories. Thanks for Mr. and Mrs. V for being such gracious hosts and raising such fine tractors.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candy Corn Hat...

Here are some photos of me wearing my new candy corn hat Mom made for me to wear to the pumpkin patch. In the last photo I am posing for the photo so Mom can document the project for her project book. The smile I am demonstrating in that photo is also how I describe the smile we're putting on Mom's pumpkin this year (no teeth on hers).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Like This...

Next week I head to the pumpkin patch (aka Mr. and Mrs. V's farm) to select a pumpkin. This is what I want my pumpkin to look like. 

I want it to have 4 teeth on top and 6 on bottom. This should make for some interesting carving on Mom and Dad's part.

Like this...

Or this...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Costume Preview...

I was so excited when Mom finished my Halloween costume I just had to put it on and look in the full length mirror. I'm going to be a medieval wizard. Here are several photos. I liked them all and could not decide on just one to post...