Saturday, November 26, 2011

Birthday Highlights...

I had a wonderful birthday.

The day began with my requested breakfast of toast with butter. 

After breakfast I opened my gifts from Mom and Dad and G&G. Note the classic Dad-wrapping job.

UFO Mater from G&G...

Tokyo Mater from Mom, Dad, and Bebe Sister...

Then some playtime with my new toys followed by lunch (I requested wagon wheels pasta) and naps. Dad came to greet me during my nap time at my exact 4 year birthday date.

Then off to dinner at one of my favorite places - I chose the location. Dad took this photo of me on our way to the restaurant. Mom calls it my contemplative look. I was probably thinking about the Raffi song I was listening to.

Aunt Shelley and Uncle Rich were able to take a break from their jobs in time to join us. They brought this cool present with them.

Once we were back at home, we took the RC Cars for a spin. Luckily there are remotes for both Lightning McQueen and Mater so Bebe Sister was able to drive one, too.

As bed time approached and Bebe Sister was trying to sleep (when she was not getting out of her bed), we played a couple of rather intense games of CandyLand. 

I'd say a pretty great birthday. 

Four years old is off to a good start.


shell said...

We were honored to spend it with him! I am glad to see he got it working quickly.. and that they can share. Even better.

Caitlin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREX! We were thinking of you all day! Looks like you got some REALLY cool toys!

Kim said...

Happy birthday T Rex!!!!! I love the presents - looks very similar to what Deaglan will likely receive next weekend at his early birthday party.