Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On my actual birthday...

Photos from my actual birthday (separate posting on my party)...

Mom and Dad had to work on my actual birthday so Nan took my photo on my exact birthday time. However, we had a small birthday celebration (my second one) that night. Grandma and Grandpa brought over pizza (my favorite food) and Good Neighbors DandM stopped over with sugar cookies. 

We had a singing of happy birthday (which I no longer will cry during) and I blew out my candles twice (once for the video and once for the still shot - yes, I seem to tell all of Mom and Dad's little secrets like that these days). 

I had lots of cards and phone calls from friends and family. It was truly wonderful being celebrated by so many. Thank you all.

Enjoy the photos starting with my exact 5 year old photo...

To our little guy,

Thank you for being the most amazing young man and son. We are so proud of the young person you have developed into and the wonderful things you do and say every day. You are caring toward others and love your sister and family. You are warm, friendly, polite, all mixed with energy and creativity. We thank God every day that you are apart of our family and we have the honor of being your parents. You are our real life super hero.

Mom and Dad

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Santa Visit 2012

It was the best year ever!

Historically, I've been a little shy around Santa. This year we were invited to a special visit with Santa and I did great. I actually had a few minutes to really chat with Santa. I asked about him, Mrs. Claus, and the reindeer. He told me he was well (which I thought was amazing for being almost 200 years old). He said Mrs. Claus is busy with the elves getting ready for Christmas, and the reindeer were busy doing reindeer games. 

I asked for Star Wars legos. Santa reminded they are small pieces so I need to pick them up. He also made me promise to go to bed early on Christmas Eve and not peek. 

It also helped that I was able to talk with my good friend about visiting Santa and watch him visit with Santa, too. It was all great. Awesome actually.