Saturday, May 9, 2015


Auntie J gave him to me. I love him. Yes, I am totally into Pokemon. Guess who else is? Mom. She and I play all the time. It's our special time together and our own crazy language at the dinner table.

Baseball 2015

No longer playing t-ball. Now I am a baseball player - coach pitch which is "rookie" league. The clinic Mom works for sponsored the team again this year. Coach pitch is really machine pitch. It has taken a lot of work to get used to hitting a moving object. Even my eye doctor said it would be a challenge for me with my lack of depth perception but I am learning and excelling.

Things haven't been as organized this year as they have been in the past. It took half the season to get the correct jerseys. We had a total of 3 practices the entire season. Thankfully, Dad, Uncle S, and Cousin Dede got me headed on the correct path and I am regularly practicing on my own.

I had one especially great game where I hit two home runs and won player of the game. I was awarded a ball to keep afterward. My beloved kindergarten teacher came to watch during that game, too. Here are some photos from some of my games and my special guests who have come to watch. 

First Grade Community Project...

Last month we finished our unit on communities. Prior to then it was about families.

For our community project we were to construction a three dimensional structure of something in our community and then describe how it serves our community. There were 100 items to choose from and each first grader chose one. There were 100 different structures ranging from soccer/baseball fields to fast food restaurants to gas stations and grocery stores. I chose the Stinker Station which is a gas station/convenience store. I was not super happy about the choice as there were not a lot of options left when it was my turn but we rolled with it. It was to be a family project. In the end I was pleased.

Here are the end results. The way it serves the community - gas for vehicles, food for travelers, air for the tires of vehicles, ice, movie rentals (Red Box), and live bait for fishing (yes, we have vending machines with live bait here).