Saturday, May 9, 2015

First Grade Community Project...

Last month we finished our unit on communities. Prior to then it was about families.

For our community project we were to construction a three dimensional structure of something in our community and then describe how it serves our community. There were 100 items to choose from and each first grader chose one. There were 100 different structures ranging from soccer/baseball fields to fast food restaurants to gas stations and grocery stores. I chose the Stinker Station which is a gas station/convenience store. I was not super happy about the choice as there were not a lot of options left when it was my turn but we rolled with it. It was to be a family project. In the end I was pleased.

Here are the end results. The way it serves the community - gas for vehicles, food for travelers, air for the tires of vehicles, ice, movie rentals (Red Box), and live bait for fishing (yes, we have vending machines with live bait here).

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