Sunday, August 28, 2016

First Day of Third Grade...

I am super excited for this year. I already set my goal of "Be challenged". I was super nervous about who my teacher was going to be and Mom had to talk me into seeing the class list before the first day of school but when I saw who it was I was all smiles. She has a son named "Cooper" which is my best friend's name and a favorite name of mine. And she's about Mom's size - small. So two things I really like about her. Upon first meeting her I was excited to tell her I was having a baby brother in a couple months. (I am really excited about that!) 

On the first day, I switched out the clothes Mom laid out for me because I felt I need to dress up more than she had me dressed so I added the collared shirt. It was a good day and I was excited to tell everyone where I visited during my vacation - Hawaii!!!

So far, I seem to like the routine of school and also seem to be juggling taekwondo and Scouts pretty good. Here are some photos from that first day of third grade:

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Family Vacation 2016

Mom and Dad totally shocked me when they told me where we were headed on family vacation.

I just started Cub Scouts at the beginning of summer and was really looking forward to volunteering at the local food bank. However, that was the same week as our family vacation. I asked Mom if we could reschedule our trip. After all, we can go to North Idaho any time. When they insisted they could not reschedule I was pretty bummed. Then they told me we were going to Hawaii to swim with sea turtles. I was truly speechless - mouth open, no words. That's rare for me!

It was SO much fun!

It was the first airplane trip I can recall. I made a couple as a tiny baby but none as a remembering child. I thought the airplane ride was fine (8+ hours is a long time) and any time I had to sit next to someone I did not know I was unhappy but I did fine.

I LOVED snorkeling and diving. We saw SO many fish. I spent nearly all my beach time in the water. I could not quite get the swing of boogie boarding but I was able to master body surfing which was great fun.

Uncle Doc and Aunt T happen to be on Maui while we were there and stopped by. We played football together and I really enjoyed that. He had some water balls that bounce on the water. Those were super cool and I had to find one of those to bring home, too! I also purchased a shark tooth necklace which I really wanted. And I did enjoy real Hawaiian fruit snacks.

Did I mention how much fun it was?!?

Friday, August 12, 2016

With My Second Grade Teacher

From my book that Mom makes me - photo of me with my teacher from second grade Mrs. D-J.