Sunday, August 28, 2016

First Day of Third Grade...

I am super excited for this year. I already set my goal of "Be challenged". I was super nervous about who my teacher was going to be and Mom had to talk me into seeing the class list before the first day of school but when I saw who it was I was all smiles. She has a son named "Cooper" which is my best friend's name and a favorite name of mine. And she's about Mom's size - small. So two things I really like about her. Upon first meeting her I was excited to tell her I was having a baby brother in a couple months. (I am really excited about that!) 

On the first day, I switched out the clothes Mom laid out for me because I felt I need to dress up more than she had me dressed so I added the collared shirt. It was a good day and I was excited to tell everyone where I visited during my vacation - Hawaii!!!

So far, I seem to like the routine of school and also seem to be juggling taekwondo and Scouts pretty good. Here are some photos from that first day of third grade:

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