Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Desk

We've been trying to re-arrange my bedroom. We've played around with a new bed or just changing me to a different room. In the end, Mom found an awesome Ikea desk for $30 on Craigslist and it is perfect. They threw in the chairs and end table and it's like a new room. Here I am enjoying my new room set up.

Flat T

Here is my Flat T that I sent to Ms. M in Arizona during our Flat Stanley unit at school this year.


My principal at school asked me to do an interview for a district video that will be shown to teachers at the beginning of 2016-2017 school year. I was very excited and honored. The main question I was asked was to tell what I liked best about my favorite teacher. My reply, "She has ways of teaching me so that I can learn and she's nice." I refused comment on exactly which teacher I was describing, though.

Arctic Wolf Project

For my research project during our Arctic region studies I chose the Arctic wolf. We have a family friend who is involved with wolf recovery and I have heard her talk about them and am impressed by them as family units and predators. Here are some photos from my project. I gave mom quite a lecture about it being second grader work so she was only allowed to help me with the hot glue gun.

I did a diorama at home and poster in class. I was also graded on participation and presentation (I got bonus points on my presentation - I'm becoming quite the public speaker). I ended up scoring 92 out of 100 points.

Apple Valley

The past two weeks of school we had Apple Valley which is where we learn as if we were in a one room school house in the mid-1800. I was dubbed Robbie Smith and my teacher was called Ms. Doyle. Each day we were awarded points for good behavior,  participation, bringing in treats for the teacher, dressing and acting our part, etc. 

Some of the items I brought in for my teacher were bread, honey, farm fresh eggs, flowers, and an apple. I also made some extra credit projects like making a dunce cap and making a quill pen and writing with it. I also read Little House in the Big Woods and wrote a report on it. Mom helped me make a rag doll because my favorite part of the book was where Laura received a rag doll for Christmas.

At the end of the two weeks we had a celebration and graduation in our class room. Mom and Dad were both able to attend this. At this celebration we made button spinners, friendship bracelets, storage pouches, and played games like stones and also put together some old puzzles. Some of the parents even dressed up, too. We ate cornbread muffins with hand churned butter and honey, too (of course, I didn't eat any of that nor drink the apple juice or root beer - I still don't do sweets). We ended by showing the parents our wagon wheel dance. It was all so much fun!

Test for Blue Belt

From my test for blue belt in taekwondo. I did pass and am now a blue belt. It took six months of preparation to accomplish this. My favorite part of taekwondo is the different colors of belts but sparing is a close second. It used to be practicing. I am sparing with my carpool buddy C.