Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School...

I have been super excited to start school - counting the days. I've met my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Taylor, a couple times already and she is awesome. Here are some photos of me before and after school. I was a little nervous just because there were so many people around but once I was inside and settled I had no issues with Mom, Dad, and Sister leaving. (Sister, however, was a little distraught to leave me behind.)

I did pick out my outfit - it's not new clothes. However, my back pack is totally new and should last as many years as I want it to. Mom had one that lasted her through most of college and graduate school of the same brand.

The first thing I said when I told Dad about my day was, "I didn't go to the principle's office!" We went over school rules last night and Mom and Dad explained if I was not good I would end up with them in conference in the principle's office - it really stuck in my brain. We read a book, had 15 minutes of recess where I made a new friend and played tag (there are only 5 boys in my class of 24 students). Then we had a milk break, colored a picture, had my photo taken with my special stuffed toy I brought to school (Yellow Monster which is a Despicable Me minion), and then it was time to go home.

It was a grand, short first day. I am already looking forward to tomorrow, although, I was happy to take a nap today after getting up early. Oh, and Sister survived without me. Mom said she asked many times for me but she clung to her blankie and seemed to be fine when they picked Dad and me up. Mom kept her busy running errands. Then we went to lunch to celebrate my successful first day.

The two videos at the bottom are fairly short - one is of me running out of school and the other was an interview Dad did with me about my first day.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

More of Swimming...

I have been loving swimming this summer. We are so fortunate to have friends who let us go swimming all the time in their super nice pool. Plus, my lessons twice a week with Coach Nick have been awesome. I started a new session this past week with him and as it turns out there were no other students signed up for our class so I am getting private lessons. Lil Sister's class is also during my class but she has a different teacher.

We did go to the swim shop this week and have me fitted for goggles. I cannot see really great without my glasses but at least I can open my eyes under water which has significantly helped my body positioning. My skills continue to explode with his encouragement and lots of practice. 

We've been practicing jumping off the diving board at class as well as deep diving. Coach will put a long pole in the water and I will use it to pull myself to the very deep end of the pool. I also have unrestricted privileges at the YMCA in that I can get into any pool without adult assistance. It's awesome. Although, Mom and Dad still insist they be on stand by even if there are life guards every where.

Oh, and somehow jumping into the pool is so much more fun if it is accompanied by a yell of some sort. Even Coach Nick agrees and he does the same thing.

Enjoy the video from our recent swim outing at Ms. Suzanne's place.