Wednesday, December 31, 2014


November and December get a little crazy around our place so this is delayed.

I turned Seven! Mom is behind and I have not had my 7 year well check. We're combining it with S's. So that will be a few more weeks before I post my size. Our pediatrician is a long drive so we consolidate trips, if possible.

Grade: 1st - I love school. Recess is my favorite but I enjoy reading and math, too. I have the awesomest teacher for homeroom and reading group. I actually stay with the same teacher for both. Just a few of us do. She's wonderful. She says that I'm funny. We never realized I was funny but apparently at school, I am. I get done with my work fast! Like super fast so I draw - a lot.

Foods - pizza is still a favorite. If I can take cold pizza for lunch I will. One of my "areas of improvement" I identified at parent teacher conferences was to eat my lunch. I have a tendency to skip over my lunch so I can have extra recess. Mom and Dad do not care for that! Plain pasta is a close second. Fruit and vegetables I will eat but still not my favorite. I am still allergic to peanuts. Level three - so I cannot even do a food challenge. Little chance of out-growing at this point.

Friends - I have a "team" at school. We gather at recess every day. It's great fun. I call them my "Fighting off crime team" - Kaelen and Chinmay. Favorite girl (not in the romantic sense - yuck!) friends - Lynley and Hadley. Favorite Lego building friend - Aiden (he is in a different grade so I cannot meet him at recess).

Toys - Legos (specifically mini-figures - I have quite the collection)

Books - Magic Tree House series and anything Legos or Star Wars or spy-related. I can read pretty much anything now but it has to be full of fantasy for it to seem interesting to me.

Interests - spies specifically James Bond. I want to be a spy someday; Legos, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars.

Mom calls me her "old soul" and will often ask my "advice" on things. I guess I am wise. 

I did my first power point recently - topic was crocheting. At first Mom was grumpy about me choosing that topic since all the other kids in class chose animals but I guess it was helpful for our class since we were starting a service project where we would be learning to knit. (Mrs. Sly, my teacher, often has to remind mom my brain thinks differently than many other kids my age - she understands and is trying to teach mom to also understand.) I presented it to my class as well as my family and my old kindergarten teacher.

Mom and Dad threw my a spy-themed party. That was fun. Lots of kids!

Here are some photos of me from my party and my birthday.

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