Friday, February 20, 2009

This Week's Fashion Statement (Friday, February 20, 2009)

Here comes Thomas the Tank Engine...

As mentioned in a previous entry, I got this for Christmas. It now fits - still a little long in the pants but this way I am good all spring and maybe a little into the fall. No idea where to purchase one of these out or how much, but the shoes are from Fred Meyer - Oshkosh - Mom got them on clearance 60% off the lowest marked price and then she had a 15% off coupon - came to around $10 for a REALLY nice pair of shoes.

Here you can see the pants say, Thomas! Hey, that's me!

This photo shows the shirt under the jacket - I LOVE the face.

"Posing" for Mom with my sphere, fresh out of my kitchen set oven!

One more thing...

I learned a new sign: Please. I saw another baby signing it a couple weeks ago and Mom was impressed by his polite manners so we've been working on it. This morning when she was checking email and eating her yogurt, my favorite food, I came up and said, "Please". What was she to do? She couldn't refuse that!

Check out this video!

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