Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fashion Statements (December 23, 2008)...

Mom is having me wear all my Christmas outfits one last time this week. We'll be posting as many as we can while the holiday is still approaching.

Strutting toward Mom in my flannel shirt - hand-me-down from Mr. N, jeans from Penny's, my Target Circo boots

Since my birthday was only last month, I got pretty good practice learning how to open gifts. And Mom has been letting me open a few when I seem interested to avoid the Christmas morning meltdown. Here's what Aunt Shelley's mom and sister gave me. Thank you! I love them!

I couldn't stop looking at his face!

It's a very cleaver gift since that's Thomas the Tank Engine and I'm Thomas! I had SO much fun unwrapping the gift - the tissue paper was the best. It did not taste half bad either!

Sampling the tissue paper while unwrapping my gift

The new outfit will definitely be featured as a fashion statement in a couple months - there's some growing room, which Mom greatly appreciates!

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