Thursday, February 19, 2009

Playgroup at the Zoo

Mom and I met our play group at the zoo today. It's a small zoo but just perfect for someone like me!

Here is some of the fun we had:

Waiting for the rest of the crew to catch up - we were the last to arrive at the zoo (I did not want to wake up from my nap) but the first to get to the African exhibit.

I cannot believe Mom let me down to explore. There were a couple times when I lost my privileges and had to go back into the stroller but after I was good for a while she let me back out.

The crew crossing the bridge.

More cruising around.

En route to the new giraffe exhibit

Joseph loved the lions!

Here are "C" and Ms. CM looking at the zebras

I'm a tortoise!

Wandering around near the tiger exhibit - yes, I wore my cool coat just for the occasion! Ms. CM and Cooper are in the background.

Tiger meets tiger! Look, Mom is in the photo, or at least her shadow is! Here you go, Dad! (He wanted a photo of the two of us at the zoo - a tougher task than it sounds like - but we aim to please or at least try to!)

If you want to see more from our visit:
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Scary Mommy said...

He fits right in, LOL! So cute!!

shell said...

He looks perfectly dressed for the zoo... and warm!