Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grocery Shopping with Mom

Today we were planning another trip to the zoo (Thursdays you get $2 off admission) but a hail thunder storm hit and we canceled our trip.

Instead, it was the perfect day to try out my "new" rain coat ($5 at Savers - isn't it cute?!?) and head to Fred Meyer for some shopping.

Here I've pulled my race car up to the check out stand, snacks in one hand and a sphere in the other - wearing my rain coat and some "flair".

Full length shot of my "new" coat - waiting for Mom at the door - when she says "Let's Go!" I run and wait for her! Again, note the sphere in hand.

Mom stopped and let me check out the balloons - I am really into those right now. Wow!!! Look at all those floating spheres!!!

Below you can see the video of me playing with a balloon - and no, I did not get to take it home. Mom has a pretty firm policy there - no toys from the store unless it is something on our list.

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BallerinaBiker said...

Hi Jenn! I tried to click on your blog the last time you commented and I didn't see one! I'm so happy you have one now! It's so good to hear from you! I will tell my mom hi for you and you do the same for me!