Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fashion Statement for the Week (Saturday, February 7, 2009)

Photos for this week's fashion statement...

A rare close up of me - the blanket behind me was one of Dad's baby blankets - there are baseball players on it.

Here I'm sitting on "Dad's" chair. It was his favorite chair growing up and just before I was born Grandma gave it to us. I've just gotten big enough to get into it myself and rock on my own. So much fun...

Close up on me with BabyGap blue thermal shirt (Mom got it with a 20% coupon so about $8).

Rear view of pants made by Mom - note pocket in back (so Dad can tell which side is front) - my pants are uncuffed but Mom built in "grow cuffs" so they can be stylishly rolled up! Also a good view of the moccasins - these are Hanna Anderson size 5-7 so they should last a while - the leather soles are washable ($8 out of catalog on clearance).

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