Monday, February 2, 2009

Fun with Auntie Terri!!!

Auntie Terri came over to play this past week - it was tons of fun!!!

We laughed and laughed. Mom said her face hurt from smiling so much!

We played my favorite game - ball!

Recently I've learned to get onto the couch. Mom and Dad have been trying to teach me to sit, kneel, or crawl but walking and running is much funner! Plus, it really gets a response out of any one watching - they immediately react when I start running on the couch - not sure why but it certainly makes me laugh!

Video from our play time - as you can see I play very rough and tumble. (If your speakers are on you can hear my screams of excitement as we play.)

Thanks, Auntie Terri, for coming over to play. I sure did have a great time and Mom appreciated the company.

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