Wednesday, January 28, 2009

T Rex Asthma Update

Since my last asthma exacerbation in November - which was the worst yet - I have not had to use any of my rescue medication (Xopenex/Albuterol).

In just a couple more days we are going to decrease my daily inhaled steroids (Pulmicort Respules) to once daily.

Since being out of daycare (Mom's at home with me now) which minimizes exposure to viruses, having the dogs in a separate living environment, using a HEPPA filter, and twice daily inhaled steroids, I have had no problems - even with the yellow and red alert air quality days.

We are so grateful for modern medicine.

After my maintenance nebulizer treatment - I get to finish watching my Baby Einstein show on the couch and disassemble and reassemble the device - it's so much fun - both the show and the "puzzle"!

Close up view of my "puzzle" or the nebulizer cup and mask.

Hopefully, this trend will continue.
We have all been so grateful for the break!

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