Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1+1+1=Mega Fun!!!

This week my two other baby buds came to stay with Mom and me while their moms had some free time. I heard Mom mention something about her goal for the day to be controlled chaos but when all was said and done, we were a really good bunch of boys and she even had time to do some chores around the house while we played.

She mentioned that the hardest part of the day was taking a bathroom break but we had no issues all filing into the restroom and waiting why she did her thing.

Wow! Did the day ever go by fast - both for Mom and me!

Thanks, my dear friends, for a nice visit! And Mom thanks you for being such good kids for her.

Here are some highlights...


T-Rex - that's me!

Joseph - he's the oldest (but not by much) and the tallest (by a good 3-4 inches!!! We all look up to him!)

"C" - he's the youngest and definitely the most mellow - Mom calls him the "angel baby" - sometimes we forget he's around because he's so mellow! By the way, he's wearing the outfit we gave him for his birthday (Mom made his pants)

This was how excited I was when Joseph arrived - notice me running toward him. Doesn't he look cool in his guitar shirt and saddle top shoes?!? He definitely dresses the "hippest" of the three of us!

Here I am playing in my box/fort while "C" checks out the tent and tunnel.

Then Joseph and I went into the tent to see what "C" was so interested in.

Later we discovered how fun it was to throw things into the tunnel and chase after them.

Joseph thought the stacking toy was the coolest!

Do you think "C" was trying to tell Mom something?!? Don't worry, it's an empty carton of milk - Mom gives me such things to play with before they go into the recycling bin.

Mom hid my "doggie" in the cabinet - we were most delighted when we eventually found it - here I'm showing Joseph how to push the hand to make it talk. As you can see, there are more recyclables surrounding us!

Grandma and Grandpa gave me this Mickey Mouse balloon - I love it and play with it all the time. As you can see Joseph found it to be interesting as well. You cannot tell from the photo but he was actually showing me Mickey's nose. (We're both very interested in noses right now - it must be a phase we are going through.)

Joseph and "C" watched a little Baby Einstein while I took my nap - as you can tell, they like "Baby Wordsworth" as much as I do!

This sums it up!!!


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Caitlin said...

Haha! So fun! I LOOOOVE the last one! I linked to you from my blog, hope you don't mind!