Friday, December 30, 2016

Santa Visit and Christmas 2016

Mom scheduled our Santa visit like last year. We all went down a couple weeks before Christmas to the mall to see Santa. I went first at the request of my two sisters. The youngest, little BB, was very nervous and I had to show her it was no big deal.

I went to sit on Santa's lap and he immediately said, "What do you want for Christmas little boy?" My response, "I really want to answer that question but first, I have a couple questions for you. How are you? And how is Mrs. Claus?" He answered and when we were all done with our visit he told my mom I was the politest kids he had met. Later I told Mom, "There's no way Santa's skipping our house after the impression we made on him!" I was right - I got exactly what I requested - the big Dr. Who lego set.

I made Mom and Dad a snowman ornament from a light bulb and wrapped it in a snowman bag. I also wrapped up a couple other things for them (finger puppets and the money was to go toward the repair of our van stereo system) and there's the photo of the Dr. and Tardis S made for me. Mom crocheted me the 11th Doctor, too.

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