Monday, October 19, 2015

Missing Front Teeth

Within the past month I have lost my two front teeth. Both natural losses and both after picture day at school. It's been over a year since Uncle Doc pulled my two front bottom teeth.

The top ones have been loose for a while. Then while we were at a play date at the zoo I bit into an apple slice and the right front came out. The photo is of it right after it happened. Then a week ago my beloved kindergarten teacher texted Mom a photo of me with my missing tooth that I lost during class. My 2nd grade teacher told Mom that I stopped the entire class and announced very seriously that it was about to happen and sure enough it did. I went to the nurse's office and was given a chest to store it. (Not a necklace because those can be a distraction to my learning.)

Mom thinks the adult permanent teeth will be grown in by Christmas so I won't have to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." She also tells my I'm quite cute with these missing teeth. The tooth fairy gave me 2 golden dollar coins for each tooth she collected. Mom gave me her childhood tooth pillow to use for the transfers.

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