Monday, October 19, 2015

First Day of School...

T Rex Mom here. I am considering transferring this blog to T but for the sake of not getting too far behind I'll catch things up and then transfer flags.

T is now in 2nd grade. He's doing quite well. Always getting the challenging spelling words because unlike his mother, he's a really great speller. His teacher is starting to get to know him and she finds him quite entertaining because of his serious demeanor. He's a super serious kid and knows it. She has been good for him teaching how to be less serious and to loosen up and go with the flow of things. I really appreciate that about her. Her homework expectations are about 180 degrees from what we were used to last year which started out being a struggle for us. Once we took focus off of that and some of the typical academic things like spelling, reading, and math and focusing more on presentation skills and other life skills, it has been wonderful for him and our family. He wants to take archery lessons with his dad. We are working on that.

He is still doing taekwondo twice per week and will test for his high green belt in a couple weeks.

He continues to study hard but he can finish an entire week's worth of homework in 5 minutes and rarely needs to study his spelling words. Even challenging ones like "kiosk". He usually doesn't get 100% because his handwriting is still pretty bad. Spelling good, writing bad. He's getting there. It's about slowing down. His mind thinks so fast compared to how fast he can write.

He has an after school job cleaning up one of the kindergarten class rooms. He washes tables and stacks chairs. Mrs. T pays him 2 Skittles every day he performs his tasks. Sometimes she throws in left over snacks from the class and he's REALLY happy about that. Plus, he adores her. He still regularly visits his 1st grade teacher who is also quite beloved to him. Recently we had her and her husband over and Mr. S brought his collection of dinosaur fossils over to share with us. T was talking with him and Mr. S came up to all of us after T left the room and said, "I think that kid is smarter than me." Mrs. S (who is certified gifted and talented) said, "I'm pretty sure he's smarter than all of us here." She taught us that he's a creative thinker so not the typical "academic achiever" that we think of with "smart kids". He's often spacey and contemplative. When you ask him what he's thinking about it's deep. Like meaning of life deep. I am grateful for all the help she gave us understanding him at an early age so we could help him. 

At the request of both his first and second grade teachers and with some seeds that were planted by his kindergarten teacher, he's going to be tested for gifted and talented later this year. They tell me it can be a lengthy process and if he passes we can make some decisions. The amazing thing is we don't really work with him. He just picks things up so fast with little prompting and practice. He is an amazing reader. We struggle to find appropriate challenging literature for him. He wants to read The Martian but having read it I know the language is inappropriate for a 7 year old. But he would probably understand it better than me.

For now, we're happy he is finally settling into second grade. I hear he had an amazing time learning about ancestor immigration and going through a mock process of it last week. His dad went and participated and either T or his dad can post more about that. I had to work. I hear it was handled flawlessly and all the correct lessons were taught. T has a great, great grandfather who was a baby when he came over on a boat in steerage class to Ellis Island about 100 years ago. 

Here are some photos from the first day of school. The final one is after the day was done.

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