Thursday, October 17, 2013

Drawing Booth

We have this art easel at school which we call the drawing booth. It is my favorite activity at school. Well, aside from recess, snack, and math. When we finish our work, we have a list of activities we can do while we wait for the other kids to finish their work. One of these is the drawing booth. It is set up with drawing paper and markers. I love making "people". I was telling Lil Sister about the drawing booth and she insisted on having a try at it. Actually, she came with Mom to kindergarten one day and she was able to experience the drawing booth herself. She loved it, too, especially since she really is the artist of the family. 

Thus, Mom turned our art easel at home into a drawing booth. One side is a white board, the other a chalk board, and then she made a cardboard that we could attach paper to and draw on the paper. We LOVE it. We play on it at least once or twice a day, for at least 15-30 minutes at a time. These photos of are one of my favorite creations - a crew of submariners. There are some sharkmen thrown in, too, but Mom has a hard time knowing which are which.

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