Sunday, June 2, 2013

T-Ball Wrap Up

It was a very busy season with about 26 games within a two month period. I actually only missed one game due to illness. Otherwise, I always made it and about 90% of the time was super focused.

Mom and Dad said their goals for me for t-ball were to have fun, learn to listen to a coach, stand in line quietly, and focus. They said I accomplished all my goals. I was actually quite sad when the season was over. Mom and Dad also say I was definitely the most improved player on the team. I consistently made my hits and playing catcher was by far my favorite position. One thing that dramatically improved for me was my throwing. Once I learned to step and throw I was able to play 1st base without problem, although, tagging first I sometimes forgot to do.

Actually, Mom had a couple coaches from some of the other teams ask how they taught me my catcher skills - mostly my ball stopping and my ability to see out of the catcher's mask. Nothing special she told them just that I am used to having no depth perception or peripheral vision so wearing the mask was no big deal. Because I'm used to having some vision impairment, I've learned to use other senses to overcome which put me at a significant advantage. The ball stopping, I learned on my own. Still, I liked being catcher because I got to wear the super cool battle armor like Aragorn. Oh, my new sports glasses made a huge difference, too.

I also loved wearing a helmet to bat, too. Toward the end of the season I developed a bad habit of throwing my bat after hitting. Coach talked with me several times and I just kept forgetting. Mom and Dad had me practice my batting with my foam bat for a while and that solved the issue. Then I brought my foam bat to use during games and it became the most popular bat for our games. We all got a good laugh at that. 

Overall, Mom and Dad were very happy with the season. The coaches were all wonderful, both on our team as well as the other teams. All the parents were great. No one complained or anything. Totally positive experience for all of us. Even Sister made some new friends and had a great time hanging out with the other siblings during the games. No score was kept. No outs given.

I chose number 3 which was surprising to Dad because that is his favorite number, which I did not know.

Mom's work sponsored my team, the Indians, too. 

I was also known for giving a thumbs up to Mom, Dad, and Sister every time I ran to 1st base. 

Here are some photos mixed in with a few videos, too.

Very first game, first time at bat.

First time playing catcher - at first I was scared. Then it was my favorite position.

My new throwing skills.

From my last game. I did not actually get to play catcher in the last game. I did get to play first base. I was on deck to be catcher the very next inning if we had had one. However, I insisted on putting on the gear one last time before the season officially ended.

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