Tuesday, April 16, 2013

T-Ball Photos

The same week as kindergarten registration I also started T-ball. We had several weeks of practice before we had our first game. Mom and Dad have some video of my first time at bat but we will show it at a later time. For now, here are some photos of me in my jersey for the first time. Mom's boss offered to sponsor my team so we have her company logo on the back of my jerseys. I thought that was pretty awesome.

We rotate playing positions so there is also a photo of me in my catcher's attire. I really liked playing catcher even if I could not see out of the helmet - I pretended I was Aragorn from Lord of the Rings wearing my battle armor. Mom and Dad said I did a great job showing effort. I always make my hits and thus far have only missed one ball that has come my way. Most of the time I am extremely focused.

It was really me who pushed hard to play T-ball. I really wanted to play and had Mom and Dad pursue it, even though it is way outside their comfort level. We are all learning together and with some extra pointers from my cousin I am having a great time and doing good things. 

Go Indians!!!

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