Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Five Year Well Check...

On my second day of being five, I went to see my pediatric health care provider, Nurse Practitioner NM.

If you would like to compare with last year, you can click here.

Here are my stats:

Weight: 38 lbs (25%)
Height: 42 inches (25%)
Blood Pressure: 80/48 (normal)

I received all my kindergarten vaccines, too - DTap, Polio, MMR, and Varicella (chicken pox). It was a total of 3 shots. Mom brought some special band-aids. I was so excited to see the Toy Story Band-Aids that I was completed distracted from the shots and did not flinch. Plus, the medical assistant student did a great job and Sister was there to offer reassurance.

We did get my special monkey weighed, too. He was 6 oz. I was also really excited that I got to take home some gloves. I used them for a while as super hero costume attire until Mom found some real ones for me.

There was a nurse practitioner student also working with me. This is the same teaching clinic where Mom did her training so she knew it would be fine for the student to examine me. I checked out great. Everything was within normal limits and I am growing and progressing just as I should according to the American Academy of Pediatrics parameters.

My asthma was well controlled and I was off all my medications except occasional rescue inhaler use. That is until I came down with a horrible virus. Then I was using my inhaler and nebulizer every 2-4 hours and not sleeping. After two weeks and a probably secondary infection, Mom started me on antibiotics and prednisolone. Finally, I started to improve. (Although, the "roid rages" aka emotional outbursts were not that great but breathing and sleeping were most welcome.) I'm back on some maintenance medications until cold/virus season is over. At least I did not get influenza A like Cousin Dede did. Guess my vaccine worked. This probably also explains why my growth is slowed a bit compared with my previous history. I will likely catch up as I get older. Asthma and the meds can slow growth velocity but generally I should reach my expected adult height - it just might take a bit longer.

Interests: Super Heroes and Star Wars (specifically Jedi)
Favorite books: Currently reading The Hobbit with Dad, books about my interests, monkey books (Curious George and the Pizza), Star Wars Lego Mini-figure reference manual

Favorite foods: cheese pizza, freeze dried strawberries, "unhealthy" mac n cheese, fruit snacks, fries, spinach (without stems - I will now specify), and still no sweets but unfrosted sugar cookies are my dessert of choice, water is still my drink of choice

Favorite movies/shows: Land of the Lost (1972), Jonny Quest (1964), starting to enjoy Star Wars movies (have only seen Episodes I, II, and IV), Peanuts from the 1960s

Favorite toys: super hero and Jedi costumes - I have several and wear them all the time, my new minifigures, legos

Naps: I have quiet time every day and about 75% of the time I will still sleep but if I miss my nap I am not too grumpy

I am reading and loving it. Mom is still working with me to work through some of the more complex words but now that I can read it has made for some interesting questions when I read questionable things.

I do sleep with a menagerie of characters - Daniel and Daniella are still my beloved cats but now Monkey is in the mix as is Woodstock and Captain America.

Well, there you have it. Me at my five year well check. Just wait, six is just around the corner, but don't mention it to Mom or Dad because they get sad whenever we talk about me getting older or bigger. They say it is just going so fast. They do seem to feel a little better when I tell them my future farm house will have a guest bedroom where they can stay when they come to visit my wife, me, and my five children (3 boys and two girls) and I will always give them snuggles, too.

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