Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Five Year Birthday Party

I am a bit behind in posting these photos as my birthday party was about a month and a half ago but starting with my birthday the four of us have birthdays all within 6 weeks of each other, add this to the holidays plus a 3 week illness flaring up my asthma and it is the perfect storm for getting behind. However, I think the photos are worth the wait. Auntie J made a collage for me that is proudly displayed in my room from this very special day.

Since the aquarium opened I asked to have my birthday party here. We booked it 3 months in advance because I was so excited. It was just a special day.

With Grandpa N petting rays. It was he and Grandma's first visit to the aquarium. Note the resemblance between us.

My youngest guest was most interested in the rays.

Feeding the tropical fish with my guests.

Nan pointing out the clams in the boat tank.

Dad and Sister petting rays.

Watching Beam, the new sea turtle.

With my neighbor and friend. We are spying the sharks swimming with Beam.

Petting the tide pool sand creatures.

Blowing out the candles on my fish shaped sugar cookie (thanks to Auntie all our guests had fish cookies). 

After the party at the aquarium we all departed to my favorite restaurant, Red Robin, and had grilled chicken (chic on a stick) and steak fries. It was so fun having my family and friends close to me on my special day.

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