Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trains, Trains, and More Trains...

These days I will disappear for long stretches of time to play trains. Because Bebe Sister likes to pull the track apart I have to seek refuge in my room. The track in these first photos was found at a thrift store a couple years ago. Great find, Mom. However, I am getting to where I'd like a bit more sophisticated set up.

Dad had a train and some wooden track from his days as a little guy. He pulled them out of the garage storage area and we sat down to play trains after Sister went to bed. They fit my track and trains perfectly.

Here are the old trains side by side with the new trains.

Thanks, Dad, for the new additions to my train set. Now Bebe Sister and enjoy hours of fun playing trains. However, I still like some quiet train playing time, too.

Here are a couple of videos of one of my longer train playing sessions. They are broken into two separate videos. Mostly, Mom and Dad wanted to post these so I could watch them whenever I wanted. If you are at all familiar with Thomas the Tank shows, it's kind of my own version. One thing I've learned from the show is train speak. You'll hear things like, "James buffered up" or "And then he chuffed away". It's also a mostly British show so occasionally I say these things with a bit of an accent.


Caitlin said...

Very cool! Love the old trains! When Joseph makes his trains go he says "chuff chuff chuff" just like the show too!

We have had to put our trains away until baby brother gets a bit less...destructive! It takes us to long to set them up and put them down. Now our train table is a lego table!

Kim said...

It's funny, Deaglan was train crazy last year - I think it had to do with the timing of the generous gift my parents gave him. Recently we put the train table and trains into storage for a while. Lately though, I've been wondering if it will fit into deaglan's bedroom. I don't want him to lose touch with it. It's such an educational way for them to spend time. Sigh. WE need a bigger house.