Saturday, August 20, 2011

Toys R Us

My very first trip to Toys R Us. I had saved for a new train - specifically I wanted a Spencer from Thomas the Tank and Friends. I was a little overwhelmed but I only left with what I went in for. And Mom and Dad said they were smiling because I did not have the "gimmies".


Caitlin said...

Great job TRex on no gimmes! That is hard especially in that store! What good manners!
Toys R Us makes me sweat just thinking about it- give me Times Square any day!

How did he earn it? With the sticker chart or do you have a new process? I only ask because the sticker chart idea you gave me has been WONDERFUL so I am curious as to whether you have a new trick!

Kim said...

I love that about this age. Although we could never go to Toys R Us and walk out with nothing - we're not crazy, we just wouldn't go if we didn't have the intention of buying something;), when we do take Deaglan, he is just as satisfied with a 69 cents hotwheels car as he is if we got him something much more expensive. If only this would last...