Wednesday, April 27, 2011


To add to this - a little conversation Mom and I had recently...

During lunch time:
Mom: Honey, a storm's coming.
Me: Is it a giant storm? (I don't like storms so Mom warns me in case I get scared.)
Mom: No, a small one.
Me: Like a baby storm.
Mom: Yes, like a baby storm.
Me: Does the storm's mama love it?
Mom: Yes, probably.
Me: Is it okay if I don't?
Mom: Yes.
Me: Does the storm have eyes?
Mom: No, it's made of clouds.

Later during the storm:

Me: Is that an airplane?
Mom: No, that's thunder. It's kind of the storm talking to us.
Me: Like Chick Hicks' thunder? (referencing a favorite car in "Cars")
Mom: Kind of. The clouds are full of lightning and when it flashes it makes thunder.
Me: That's like when you shock me with static?
Mom: Exactly. I think I fed you too much fish oil. Let's go read before you ask a question I don't have an answer for.
Me: Mom, does the storm have choking hazards?
Mom: No, I don't think so?
Me: The hail aren't choking hazards?
Mom: I suppose, maybe.
Me: Then we shouldn't let Bebe Sister see the storm?
Mom: Most definitely not.

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shell said...

excellent conversation!