Sunday, April 24, 2011

Allergy Appointment...

This past Friday I had an appointment with Dr. J, my pediatric allergist. Mom has been conerned that I have a milk allergy because when I started drinking it my eczema became significantly worse.

Because Mom often practices pediatric exams on me, I have become quite good at sitting still for them. Dr. J said I was an excellent patient - especially through two panels of skin scratch testing. Which to be honest, is not bad at all. Especially when I get to blow bubbles and play with my toys.

What was interesting is everything came back negative - even dog. However, the last time I was tested the dog allergy was picked up via a transdermal test not scratch test. Therefore, likely it is still positive. And a negative skin test here does not necessarily mean I am not allergic to milk. The autoimmune response that mediates an allergic skin reaction is a bit different than other types. So, we're going to keep me off milk one more month. Then we'll reintroduce milk. If the eczema flares up again, we know I am allergic.

A very pleasant time. We made time to see the fish. There were four fish who had died. That was a challenging conversation for Mom but appropriately timed for Easter. More on that later.

A successful exam. We'll just see what the next couple of months bring. In the mean time, I'll continue my morning coconut milk yogurt for breakfast - not too bad, actually.

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Caitlin said...

Wow- surprising results! I will be interested to see what your home-test shows. Good job TRex on being so brave!