Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Decorating for Christmas...

First, I had to look over all the tree ornaments while Dad put lights on the tree and Mom put Bebe Sister to bed (I earned the privilege of staying up a little late). I went through the entire box of non-breakable ones but yet still managed to break a few of the more "fragiles" - pulled off eyes or smashed legs.

Then onto actual decorating of the tree. "No higher than one step" - I think I can still hear Mom and Dad's voices echoing in my head.

Hanging the 90+ year old angel - I LOVE angels. It must have something to do with a certain book we've been reading - The Cat Who Climbed the Christmas Tree.

I have a little tree of my own for my use and amusement so I don't get into the ornaments on the big tree. Here I am hanging candy canes on it. Yes, I'm wearing my Buzz Lightyear jammies.

Here are a few other of the decorations that are just for Bebe Sister and me. Frosty is a favorite as is Woodstock "with muffs" but he's already managed to escalate to bedtime status so he's not in the photo below. Can you see my Cars are in the mix, too? We've been reading "A Cars Christmas" - a definite favorite.

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Caitlin said...

Joseph is impressed that TREX got to stand on a ladder! And he says that he likes the snowman on the "window shelf"