Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning...

Despite me being a not-so-great sleeper this year (Mom and Dad say that's an understatement), I must have been a good enough kid to merit a visit from Santa. Maybe being potty trained evens things out?

What a sight I woke up to...

Dinosaurs, Cookie Monster, Cozy Coupe, and an Elmo balloon - WOW!!!

You might recall that I originally asked Santa for "a balloon" - Aunt JT brought one to me last night. I thought she was Santa! However, this morning I found another one by the tree!

Opening my stocking with Dad

Kisses for Dad - I know Santa brought the gifts but I had to give someone a thank you kiss - and it just seemed fitting that it would be Dad!

Playing with some of my new toys.

Is this T Rex cool or what?!? From Aunt Shelley and Uncle Rich. He got some kisses too!

Enjoying watching my new Sesame Street videos.

Merry Christmas - I hope Santa was good to you too!


shell said...

Looks like he had a great time!! Hhhmm...Skip looks a little tired... that wouldn't be from, 'just a little assembly required', would it?

Nina said...

Looks like Santa was very good to you this year. Tell mom not to worry sleeping always gets better with time.