Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Outfit of my Choosing...

This past week, Mom and Dad had me all dressed up in a Christmas outfit but I discovered this shirt when Mom was cleaning out my closet (she said something about being in nesting mode).

I insisted on wearing it all day and it's been a staple to my clothing attire since.

Two of my favorite characters - Elmo and "Cookie" - we were a bit concerned that "Cookie" is eating a banana and not a cookie!

My two friends who go EVERYWHERE with me - can you see why I love my shirt so?

Proudly wearing my shirt.

Do you have a favorite shirt?


Anita said...

My family made me get rid of my fav shirt recently. :( Probably a good thing.

shell said...

Perfect shirt!!!

Nina said...

Very cute shirt. I get all excited when I did through my oldest sons old clothes to give the to my younger one.

Those are two really great friends to have.