Tuesday, May 26, 2009

T Rex 18 Month Well Check and Stats...

Today I had my 18 month check up. It was awesome - no shots!

Here I'm waiting (under the exam table) to see Dr. I was a little serious at first but immediately warmed up to her and toward the end we were playing under the exam table together!

Here are my stats - if you'd like to compare to my 12 month well-check click here...

Length: 32.25 inches (50%)
Weight: 24 lbs 11 oz (35%)
Head: 46.6 cm (25%)
(Mom is confused why both metric and non-metric units are used - it's all gibberish to me!)

Overall report: Perfectly Healthy!!!

As a special treat following the appointment the three of us went to lunch and I played near the fountain.

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Nina said...

Oh we have our 18 month check up's next week. We are a little behind on timing of check ups because I wont let them give more than 2 shots at one time. So we have to stretch out our appointments. Hopefully this is a no-shot appointment also.

Both my boys were 25th percentile on the head also and I always wondered where are these bigger heads that are more average. I don't see them!