Sunday, December 7, 2008

One Year Old Check Up

I just went in for my one-year-old check with my pediatrician, Dr. KS. She and her nurse are awesome, despite the vaccination shots I seem to get almost every time I see them - Mom constantly reminds me they are for my own good! This visit was no exception - four pokes total. My thighs are still swollen and probably will remain so for another week or two (due to the chicken pox vaccine).

On the bright side, I got my first lollipop (butterscotch) - I cried when Mom finally had to pry the stick from my grasp, a couple of really cool tongue depressors to chew on, and two blue camouflage band-aids! And they had some cool toys to play with in the room, too.

One of the really cool toys!

My grape flavored tongue depressors - my thighs are exposed for shots

Comfort from Dad and my faithful toothbrush

A few stats -

Weight: 21 lbs, 14 oz

Height: 29 3/4 inches long
Head: 25 percentile (I've never had a big head)

Dr. says based on my growth schedule she thinks I'll be around 5'9", like Dad. Although, we cannot know for sure until I'm 2 or 3 years old. Mom has been worried about my growth, especially since I haven't really gained any weight, but Dr. says I am such a busy guy it is to be expected and that I am totally on track with everything. Dr. complimented me on my walking skills, too.

Video of me waiting to see Dr. KS. If your speakers are on you can hear me cooing to the toys.

Well, with that behind me, my next check up is at 15 months. I will get one shot then, Hep A. Since I have asthma, Dr. opted that I postpone this vaccination to a later time. On a side note, my asthma has been significantly improved. Let's hope that continues.

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