Tuesday, April 26, 2016

First Pet - Pikachu the Dwarf Hamster

I've been asking for a pet for quite some time and a close friend got a dwarf hamster for Christmas. After a visit with him I was really set on getting a pet and willing to do anything and everything to earn one. On that particular day, Mom came home from work with a surprise. I was actually at taekwondo but when I walked in the door and heard there was a surprise waiting for me I just knew what it had to be.

I named her Pikachu (I often call her Pika) because of her stripes. She's a very sweet dwarf hamster and we've been working hard at taming her. She's become quite docile. She did escape once and that was 36 hours of drama and horror but we found her in the laundry room and now she has very strong wire holding her door shut. I've even added onto her cage a few times to give her more space for stretching. She runs on her wheel ALL night. I quite enjoy it.

At first I did not like the feel of her tiny claws on my hands - I am extremely sensitive. However, it has been great for me to get used to this and learn to branch out with different tactile experiences. She's been a wonderful pet for all of us. I clean her every Saturday and with a little help from Mom it only takes about 10 minutes. Plus, it gives her a chance to run in her ball.

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