Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taekwondo Belt Test - HIgh Green

T Rex Mom here....

T tested for his high green a couple weeks ago. One of the components of his test was he had to break a board. He was never able to break the board during practice so he was quite concerned about doing so during his test. 

Come test time he rocked his form, was pretty good with his three steps, and then it came time for board breaking. His teacher walked him through it a few times. Then he just had to go for it. 

He nailed it! Nice clean break. He was SO surprised!

Photos and video below. He will be presenting his story to his class this week and discussing what taekwondo is, where it comes from, and showing his new belt and the boards he broke. Now we need to think of something to make with all these boards he's going to start breaking. 

I admire his courage being put on the spot up there all by himself. In fact, courage is one of the tenants of taekwondo.

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