Sunday, November 9, 2014


A few months ago I started taekwondo - I participate twice per week. It has been amazing for me - increasing my strength, focus, drive, confidence, discipline, and balance. I used to be the slowest runner during PE. Now I am nearly the fastest and will even finish the race and do push ups. 

After two months I earned my low grade yellow belt. It was no simple task either. I had to demonstrate my form, spar in the offensive and defensive positions, and complete an oral exam in front of an audience. I pretty much rocked it but it is something I very much enjoy. Here are some photos from my early days as well as my recent belt advancement.

As you can see, my little Sis watches. She has been invited to participate but she says she wants to wait until she is 6 (which is okay because she is already in ballet, tap, Spanish, and gymnastics).

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