Sunday, February 16, 2014


Here are some photos from stuffing Valentines and my class party. I made all my valentines - I glued a foam heart to an envelope and decorated each. In looking at all the Valentines I received at school from the other kids, Mom says that no one went to such great efforts to make Valentines as I did. I drew a picture on each. Plus, I stuffed them with the necklaces Mom made and I designed. 

Mom was able to attend the class party and included is a great photo of Mrs. T, my teacher, holding Baby Sister. You can see the white heart Teacher is wearing - I specifically said she had to have the one white heart made. In fact, I made Mom make a special one just for her. There is also a photo of me with Miss M, our helper. I adore her, too. She made amazing Valentines for us - actually, those probably were more time intensive than mine.

Mom also caught me at school making a water color painting for my "girlfriend" B and sneaking it into her back pack. She told me it was very sweet and romantic. I just said I like doing nice things for my friends. Then I went and drew one for my friend R, one of the few other boys in the class.

What a fun day!

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