Monday, November 25, 2013

Stone Soup - Thanksgiving Feast

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving in my kindergarten class with a pot of stone soup. Mrs. T had each of us bring a vegetable to contribute. She washed them and we used some carving utensils to cut the vegetables. She cooked them and the next day we invited our parents to feast with us.

Oh, we also spent the past two weeks learning about Thanksgiving and preparing for our feast by creating napkin holders, place mats, and a costume. I chose to be an Indian (as did my girlfriend B). My costume included a vest and headpiece - both of which I made. 

When asked what I was thankful for I told the class, "I am thankful for my little monkey Bongo". It's my stuffed monkey that I love to sleep with.

I was so glad Mom, Dad, and Baby Sister were able to attend the feast. 

Oh, I brought an onion to add to the soup - I actually really love cooked onions. And we usually have stone soup at home about once a week so I am a stone soup making expert. Mrs. T was happy for my input in the matter.

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Caitlin said...

Love this! What a cute idea and so nice that you got to share it together! Also, Joseph has that same rug in HIS kinder class! fun!